Centuries ago Agoras were the main gathering points of peoples’ lives in the ancient Greek cities. Now a team of 6 organisations from 6 European countries gathers together to build an Agora of the Attractive VET where all the interested and engaged parties can meet, work together and contribute to the recognition of the VET system as a meaningful and respected career path. 


The team of the project AGORA VETPro 4.0 is committed to work hard together and to ensure the competence-based motivation of the VET teachers and trainers, mentors, career practitioners, HRs to become ambassadors of a modernized VET system bringing to an enhanced employability and better professional realization of the young people. 


The CEDEFOP’s “Skills, qualifications and jobs in the EU: the making of a perfect match?” considers considered VET as a system with high potential to contribute to the decrease of youth unemployment. However, significant efforts need to be made in order make VET attractive. CEDEFOP, in their Intervention Approaches for Improving VET image and attractiveness state that: “Vocational Education and Training (VET)… suffers from poor reputation.” And go further more on “targeted measures to improve the image of VET; through information-provision, promotional activities, and role models.” 

The AGORA VETPro 4.0 project addresses and answers to the needs of its target groups stemming from the above-mentioned challenges and possibilities:

Direct target group of the project: VET teachers and trainers, mentors, career practitioners, HRs who will achieve competence-based motivation and enhanced self-confidence to act as ambassadors of an attractive VET through: 

  1. The objective of recognition of the knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibilities they are required to possess and improve: Competence Profile and Code of Conduct
  2. The objective of acquisition of the competences through the modular Training Program and Talks and App

The indirect target groups such as students/trainees, parents – the objective related to them is the provision of a new or more evident perspective on the possibilities VET can bring them to enhance their employability and achieve better professional realization

Society as a whole as an indirect target group – the objective of the project is to reinforce the interaction between targeted professionals from the VET field, the business sector and the students/trainees. impose on them the need to be prepared to meet these challenges but also to be part of the process of the necessary change

During the project life partners will elaborate the following AGORA VETPro 4.0 Project Results: 

  • Competence Profile and Code of Conduct
  • Training Program
  • Talks and App