Project Results

The joint efforts of AGORA VETPro 4.0 team of experts will lead to the elaboration of the following Project Results and their respective impact on the directly targeted professionals: 

AGORA VETPro 4.0 Competence Profile and Code of Conduct

Recognition of the role of the targeted professionals as well as validation of the complimentary knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibilities they need to acquire in order to be ambassadors of an attractive VET system

AGORA VETPro 4.0 Training Program

Acquisition of a specific set of competences by the targeted professionals through its three Modules:

  • 01: AGORA VETPro 4.0 Partnerships Tool 
  • 02: AGORA VETPro 4.0 Virtual Spaces and Videos 
  • 03: Practice AGORA VETPro 4.0 Theory Learning Digest

AGORA VETPro 4.0 Talks and App

The Training Program will allow the practitioners to promote adequately the VET system, to ‘speak the language of the young people’ and meet them in the environment they are already feeling most comfortable in – through online and video content elaboration and online communities launch and maintenance and through their enhanced ability to promote and make transparent the applicability of the theory into real practice and thus highlight the benefits of VET

The Results and their impact will go beyond the partners’ organizations and countries due to the high degree of transferability of all the AGORA VETPro 4.0 Project Results to different countries, different type of organizations, even for different and specific final beneficiaries, their attractiveness and significant practicability. The Results will be available in all partners’ languages and in English with free access through the project’s virtual spaces for at least 2 years after the completion of the funded period.